Drive your Brand and Deliver your Message

Dr. UR Awesome is a celebrated world professional bubbleologist and perennial record setter.

From product tours to conferences to retail promotions, Dr. UR Awesome can design the optimal performance for driving a savvy marketing initiative. Because he presents such a memorable image and experience, he has the power to represent brands and successfully deliver their message to the widest demographic of consumers. Dr. UR Awesome performs for major global corporations and delighted worldwide audiences. His humorous personality and program are on point and easily align with many marketing goals.

Dr. UR Awesome focuses on the art of entertainment and has united his vast live skills to focus on all aspects of the simple joys of bubbles and what they mean to all ages. Bubbles are universal and speak the common language of wonder and awe. He professes that “Souls are like bubbles, so why not share them to present joy and forge fond shared memories?”

The Dr.’s combined scientific and entertainment approach to his craft comes from decades of live event experience. He enjoys designing events that bond and uplift both national and global audiences. Smiles are universal. His goal is to keep it educational, entertaining and enlightening and he is constantly innovating to deliver thrills. He enjoys participating in global bubble workshops, competitions and marketing event tours. He enjoys designing creative brand partnerships and corporate events.

Please contact us to further inquire about how we can effectively deliver your brand in a new and creative manner.