Book the good Dr for any event that needs a prescription for fun! Contact him today!

Foam Parties

Foam Parties are perfect for daycares, school events, birthdays, church events, and any party for kids and adults alike. Our awesome machine shoots out foam that can fill an area of up to 30×30 ft and 5 feet high in minutes!

Birthday Parties

Sheer bubble mania fun to excite birthdays of all ages. The honoree is placed in a giant bubble and the guests create waves of bubbles. Surprises and fun photo opportunities galore to make special memories.

Outdoor Gatherings

From picnics to BBQ’S to just enjoying the beautiful outdoors, there is no better way to express the joy of togetherness than having an eco – friendly creative bubble fest. Nature loves this celebration.


The Bubblemobile

The bubblemobile has it all… Social distance, pandemic free and Bubbles galore! Book the Dr and have some good clean fun! Parades, graduation, retirement homes… Great for any occasion!

Corporate Events

Just when some say that they have “seen it all”, savvy event planners know that it is time for a bubble bonanza! Everyone shares in the fun as select guests get placed into a giant bubble as wands fly to fill the bubble zone with the delight of a by gone era. There is joy in simplicity and sharing. There is bonding in positive shared experiences. Bubbles are universal and bring out the best in people. Customers will thrill to this experience made possible by your brand.

Schools/Daycare Centers

Education and experience fuel the wonders of this memorable show. All ages have fun learning the art of the bubble together. The energy and enthusiasm are healthy releases as young minds experience what can be done with bubbles. The creativity, interactive opportunities and sheer delight always deliver a welcomed new experience.


City Celebrations

Try something new to unite and delight your residents and families of all ages. Everyone celebrates and marvels over these incredible world record bubbles. Our interactive experiences are the perfect community memory and positive social media posts. Ever want to put your Mayor, Chiefs or officials in a bubble? Now is the chance for genuine community bonding via shared experiences. Your event will be a sensation to be remembered. No place like home!


When you say I do, then we do too in style. Nothing conveys a celestial celebration and life moment than unleashing bubbles of love and joy. They are clean and eco – friendly and will not harm garments or scared places. They create a more sensational photo opportunity and you can even place the happy couple in a bubble together as they embrace. Sigh….now that’s bubble love!


Bubble mania adds that extra sensation to these special family occasions. Bubbles represent the epitome of celebration and accent all event themes. All ages will delight in the interactive fun as that special honoree is surrounded in a bubble by family and friends pledging their lifelong love and support.


Grand Openings

Attention is the number one commodity today. Bubbles always attract and deliver attention via interactive joy to any moment. They represent celebration and capture the special moment. We design a custom brand aligned experience for your special opening. You will certainly not be forgotten!

Special Promotions

From customer appreciation to welcoming a new brand, bubbles always deliver the uplifting experience, recognition and celebration. Bubbles capture the moment and make it memorable. We enjoy designing creative ways to enhance your special promotion. Go ahead….do something fun and uplifting for all ages.